Dear Spaghetti Squash,

It’s not you, it’s me.

I get it. I get that you’re a good substitute for carb-loaded pasta. I thought if I threw enough butter and garlic and herbs on you, I could make it work. But it didn’t. It just tasted like a lot of butter and garlic and herbs on a stringy and often watery vegetable.

Yes, I know you’re versatile, that Martha Stewart has developed a dozen recipes for you, and Country Living offers 50.

Yes, you keep well in storage, are packed full of nutrients, have very few calories, are relatively inexpensive, and are gluten-free.

It just feels like I’m … well, settling. See, if I want spaghetti, I want spaghetti. If I want squash, I want squash. That’s just the way it is.

I’m sorry, my little Cucurbita pepo. I tried.

— Katy Budge

3 thoughts on “Dear Spaghetti Squash,

  1. Perhaps we need to find some way to give it a little char, so it has more inherent flavor, not just what we add to it. But it’s a bit soggy for that, so I say Amen, Sistah! Bring on the pasta!


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