Pesto Pesto

Well, I was a bit late on making the first pesto of the year, but basil late than never, right? Basil has reported been cultivated for over 5000 years in its native India, where it was revered and thought of as sacred. That elevated status earned it its regal “basilicum” name in our part of the world, which is derived from the Greek word for … Continue reading Pesto Pesto

Antioxidant Mixology

  Well, it’s Fourth of July, so the watermelon recipes are flying! I must admit though, that the ones that have been catching my eye are for adult beverages like a basil watermelon cooler with vodka and a watermelon tequila cocktail aptly dubbed “The Party Starter.” (Nix the simple syrups though – the watermelon is so sweet on its own you really don’t need more … Continue reading Antioxidant Mixology