Gleaning Among the Ghosts

    I’m involved with a local gleaning program, GleanSLO, and usually it’s a slam dunk win-win-win all the way around. The GleanSLO volunteers go to a property – either commercial or private, to glean leftover produce and take it to our local food bank. Hungry people get healthy food that would otherwise go to waste, the property owner gets a tax credit and the … Continue reading Gleaning Among the Ghosts

Picking Flowers for the Food Bank?

A few weeks ago, as the promise of much needed rain was teasing the Central Coast, a ripe opportunity arose for the Glean SLO program. John Rourke and Chris Freitas of San Luis Berry Farm had gotten as much of an organic strawberry harvest as they could before the rain would hit, so they invited a couple local groups, including Glean SLO, to pick as much … Continue reading Picking Flowers for the Food Bank?

Gleaning the County’s Bounty for the County’s Hungry

Come on, admit it. At some point in your life you’ve exuberantly purchased a six-pack (or two) of zucchini starts in the spring, and six months later your friends and neighbors are fearfully hiding from you because you’re always looking to pawn off zucchini the size of small canoes. Examples of such overabundance exist wherever food is grown – from backyard gardens to large commercial … Continue reading Gleaning the County’s Bounty for the County’s Hungry