From the Archives: Dive into Dungeness

(Ed. Note: Since the 2017 Dungeness crab season just opened in the Bay Area on November 15, I thought I’d claw back into my archives and serve up this post from December, 2006. Only minor edits have been to reflect the date of publication.) About Dungeness crab … crabby factoids … buying crab … some potent potable pairings … For many Central and Northern … Continue reading From the Archives: Dive into Dungeness

Tickle the Ivories of Salmon

If you want to swim outside the box, befriend your local fish monger. My latest discovery from Eric at Pier 46 in Templeton was Ivory King Salmon. Yes … ivory. It’s pictured above, and although you’d never visually peg it as salmon unless you took a close look at the muscle definition, there’d be no doubt in a blind taste test. The fish are remarkably … Continue reading Tickle the Ivories of Salmon

Sustainability Message in Vegas?

The den of iniquity otherwise known asLas Vegas might seem an odd place for lessons on sustainability. Yet there, in the middle of all things Vegas, sits the Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay, and no, it has nothing to do with card sharks. This impressive facility is North America’s only predator-based aquarium, which means that although sharks are the main event, you’ll also see … Continue reading Sustainability Message in Vegas?